Webinar October 2020

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Intelligent Aviation & The Way Forward

Thursday, 22 October 2020  | 4:00 PM IST  
6.30 AM New York  | 11.30 PM London  | 2.30 PM Dubai  | 6.30 PM Singapore  | 9.30 PM Sydney  

Over the last 17 years, CAPA India has completed close to 200 advisory projects across the aviation value chain. Our clients are increasingly turning to us for intelligent, innovative and smart solutions using advanced technologies that can transform their businesses.

In recent years we have been called upon to advise on issues as diverse as revenue optimisation, enhancement of ancillaries, the deployment of self-service solutions at airports, the application of data science to predict and minimise catering spoilage, implementation of chatbots for customer service, and the use of analytics and market segmentation to drive airport retail and duty free.

The impact of COVID has accelerated the acceptance and deployment of technology across the aviation sector. In this webinar we will seek to understand the way forward for intelligent aviation.

Our consultants and analysts addressed the following questions:

    • What is an intelligent aviation business?
    • How does an airline, an airport, a ground handler or an MRO become intelligent?
    • What kind of transformation can they expect to achieve? How far along the path are they?
    • In which areas can digitalisation have the greatest impact e.g. revenue optimisation, cost reduction, customer experience, employee engagement?
    • What return on investment can be expected?
    • Which organisations have been successful innovators?
    • How can companies deconstruct and reconstruct their operating models while ensuring business continuity?
    • What are the key opportunities and pitfalls that aviation companies face as they embark upon digital transformation?
    • Where does aviation stand relative to other industries?

Why CAPA India convened this webinar

Critical issues addressed in this webinar



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