Webinar August 2020

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Financing Indian Aviation in the Post-COVID Era

Friday, 21 August 2020  |  5:00pm IST  

7.30am New York  |  12.30pm London  |  3.30pm Dubai  |  7.30pm Singapore  |  9.30pm Sydney  

Why we convened this webinar

Webinar agenda
Over the last 17 years, CAPA has completed close to 200 advisory projects across the value chain, including more than 30 engagements focused on capital advisory, due diligence for acquisitions, and risk assessments for investors.
This has included contributing to aircraft acquisitions, high profile IPOs and other planned listings, as well as supporting bids that have resulted in the investment of several hundred million dollars in airlines, airports, MROs, ground handlers and travel distribution companies.
We are proud to have been the preferred advisor to leading global financial institutions, investors and private equity funds.

COVID has placed Indian aviation in an incredibly challenging position. Many operators across the value chain already had depleted cash balances even prior to the advent of COVID. Now, after several months of little or no revenue, and a weak and uncertain outlook for demand, Indian aviation companies – airlines, airports, MROs, ground handlers etc. – will require billions of dollars of capital to survive and navigate the next couple of years. But given the current operating environment, their sources of finance may be limited.

In this webinar our consultants and analysts will seek to address the following questions:

    • What is the financial condition of airlines, airports, ground handlers and MROs today?
    • How much capital will they need to emerge from this crisis?
    • What financing options are realistically available to them?
    • How do banks, private equity funds, lessors and strategic investors view Indian aviation?
    • What kind of investors are likely to have the risk appetite to look at this sector?
    • Could there be attractive distressed sales of assets coming up for investors?
    • What new investment opportunities could arise from the structural shifts in aviation and travel?
    • If appropriate funding is not forthcoming, what impact will this have on ownership, consolidation and growth?

Based on our research and analysis, CAPA India presented its outlook and recommendations for financing of the sector, which were pressure-tested in the second half of the webinar by an expert panel of aviation finance executives. The conclusions have been shared with the industry and government and will be integrated in the consultative roadmap for a viable and sustainable industry which CAPA is developing.