February Webinar

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Designing a New Framework for
Airline, Airport & Industry Collaboration

Thursday, 25 February 2021  | 4:00 PM IST  
5.30 AM New York  | 10.30 AM London  | 2.30 PM Dubai  | 6.30 PM Singapore  | 9.30 PM Sydney  

As the industry’s leading aviation consulting, research and knowledge practice, CAPA India’s mission over the last 17 years has been to deliver genuine and practical solutions to the numerous global and Indian clients that have engaged us to provide sound advice. We have completed more than 200 advisory projects across the value chain, and released hundreds of industry insight and analysis reports. In the post-COVID environment, we are more determined than ever to deliver positive outcomes for the aviation community based on innovative, solutions-focused thinking.

Key topics to be explored in this webinar are:

    1. Benefits and benchmarks of a collaborative approach across the aviation stakeholders
    2. Challenges associated with developing infrastructure in silos
    3. Opportunities for enhanced revenue through cooperation
    4. Efficiency and customer satisfaction outcomes achievable through collaborative digitisation
    5. The importance of industry partnerships for sustainable aviation
    6. The way forward: A new framework for industry collaboration

Based on our research and analysis, CAPA India will present its recommendations on the topic, which will be pressure-tested in the second half of the webinar by a panel of industry experts.



For any assistance regarding participation, please contact:
Karishma Sharma or Abhipsa Talwar, CAPA India Marketing
+91 99999 74339, +91 98786 16161