Webinar – May 2020

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Designing a Sustainable Roadmap

for the Revival of Indian Aviation

Friday, 29 May 2020  |  11:30am GMT (5:00pm IST)

Why CAPA India is convening this webinar

Bringing together Indian and global perspectives
As the industry’s leading aviation consulting, research and knowledge practice, CAPA India’s mission over the last 17 years has been to deliver genuine and practical solutions to more than 100 global and Indian clients that have engaged us to provide sound advice. We have completed close to 200 advisory projects across the value chain, and released hundreds of industry insight and analysis reports. In the post-COVID environment, we are more determined than ever to deliver positive outcomes for the aviation community based on innovative and smart thinking.


With the aviation industry currently facing an existential crisis, thought leadership based on rigorous industry research and data analysis with the objective of making a positive strategic impact is now more important than ever. This is CAPA India’s strength.

A successful revival of India’s aviation industry post-COVID has worldwide ramifications. India was expected to shortly emerge as the world’s 3rd largest aviation market, with the potential to be a key growth driver for global aviation over the coming years and decades.

The objective of our webinar is to bring together some of the most influential figures from global and Indian aviation to identify solutions and to design a practical roadmap for the sustainable revival of the sector.

We intend to adopt a positive agenda for the session. Although there has been tremendous pain, we believe that the aviation industry can turn this crisis into an opportunity for genuine structural change. For India, which has long been strong on growth and weak on viability, this may be the ideal time to entirely redesign the operating framework in terms of the costs, policy and regulation. The objective should be to fundamentally strengthen the industry and make it resilient to any future shocks.

A post-webinar report will be shared with the government and the industry at large. The intention is to advocate that we leverage the current crisis to positively transform the sector by dismantling constraints and rethinking the entire business.

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Alexandre de Juniac

Director General and CEO

Alexandre de Juniac became the seventh person to lead the International Air Transport Association (IATA) when he took on the role of Director General and CEO from 1 September 2016.
De Juniac has almost three decades of experience in both the private and public sectors. This includes senior positions in the airline and aerospace industries and the French government.
De Juniac served as Chairman and CEO of Air France-KLM (2013-2016) and prior to that as Chairman and CEO of Air France (2011-2013). Under de Juniac’s leadership Air France and Air France-KLM underwent a successful restructuring that improved efficiency and strengthened performance. He has also served on the IATA Board of Governors (2013-2016). De Juniac has broad aviation sector experience, including 14 years at French aerospace, space, defense, security and transportation company Thales, and its predecessor companies Thompson-CSF and Thompson SA (1995-2009). In his last position at Thales, de Juniac was responsible for the company’s operations and sales in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.
De Juniac has also held positions in the French government. His career began with the Conseil d’Etat (State Council) from 1988 to 1993. Subsequently, he served in the Department of Budget (1993-1995); and in the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment as Chief of Staff to then Minister Christine Lagarde (2009-2011).
A French citizen, de Juniac was born in 1962. He is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique de Paris and Ecole Nationale de l’Administration. At IATA he works from both the association’s main offices in Montreal, Canada and Geneva, Switzerland.


Angela Gittens

Director General, ACI World Angela Gittens began her tenure as Director General of Airports Council International (ACI World) in 2008. She was formerly airport CEO for Miami and Atlanta and Deputy at San Francisco International Airport. In other previous roles, Gittens served as Vice-President, Airport Business Services for HNTB Corporation, where she led the firm’s practice in airport business and strategic planning. And as Vice-President at TBI Airport Management, she oversaw the transition to private ownership of London Luton Airport and managed operations contracts at several airports in the US and Canada. Gittens is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, and has served on numerous aviation industry boards and committees including the FAA Management Advisory Committee, the FAA Research, Engineering and Development Committee, the National Civil Aviation Review Commission (“the Mineta Commission”), the Executive Committee of the Transportation Research Board, the Airport Cooperative Research Program Oversight Committee and the Board of Directors of JetBlue Airways.


Jeffrey Goh, Chief Executive Officer, Star Alliance

As the world’s first global airline alliance, Star Alliance provides smooth transfers across an extensive global network, together with rewards and recognition for high value international travellers. Previously, Jeffrey Goh held the position as Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel at the Alliance, with responsibilities spanning human resources, sourcing and fuel-related projects, legal, finance and project management. Before moving to Frankfurt, he had lived in Singapore and Melbourne and held positions at the International Air Transport Association in Montreal and at Beaumont and Son, a leading aviation law firm in London. He has a doctorate in the principles and policies of regulating airline competition and has published widely in the field of aviation law and regulation.