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Reinventing the Airport Business Model in India

Friday, 24 July 2020  |  5:00pm IST  

7.30am New York  |  12.30pm London  |  3.30pm Dubai  |  7.30pm Singapore  |  9.30pm Sydney  
Over the last 17 years, CAPA has completed close to 200 advisory projects across the value chain, including more than 50 focused on airport clients. These engagements have ranged from airport business planning to traffic forecasting, privatisation bid advisory, marketing and route development, board advisory, cargo and ground handling operations, retail and non-aero revenue strategies, operational benchmarking and strategic reviews.

In addition to the extensive experience gained in the course of completing these projects, CAPA India’s research teams continuously monitor Indian and global airports, with a  core focus on operational, financial, commercial and strategic benchmarking. This has enabled us to identify critical success factors for airport operators.

Until very recently it was assumed that Indian airports would experience strong and sustained traffic growth for years to come. But COVID has highlighted the fact that nothing can be taken for granted.  With airports now having to revisit their short- and long-term plans, we will leverage our experience to present a new airport business model that will deliver better outcomes for airport operators and investors, airlines, passengers and for the aviation industry as a whole.

In this webinar, our consultants and analysts will seek to address the following questions:
            • Have Indian airports been able to maximise aero, non-aero and other revenues?
            • What are the key category-wise opportunities to diversify revenue streams?
            • Have Indian airports recognised the potential of next-gen retail using data and digitalisation?
            • Do airports understand their catchment areas and their passengers?
            • Do airports seek to effectively understand their airline clients? Is there scope for improved collaboration?
            • Are airports adept at identifying the evolution of the market or are they developing infrastructure for legacy operations?
            • Would route development be more effective if airports focused on an airline’s business case rather than historical traffic?
            • How do aero charges at Indian airports compare with global benchmarks?
            • Are cargo and express considered Cinderella activities by Indian airports?
            • Are capital, operating, utilities, and maintenance costs being optimised?
            • Do airports sweat their assets to achieve maximum productivity?
            • How effective is the planning process for major capex projects?
            • Have Indian airports invested in appropriate technology to optimise passenger and cargo facilitation?
            • What is the best approach to forecasting demand, especially in the post-COVID environment?
            • How do Indian airports perform operationally and financially relative to best practice global hubs?
            • What role should the government play in airport infrastructure development?
            • How well are risks managed relative to global best practices?
            • Do Indian airports follow corporate governance in line with international standards?
            • Does India have an appropriate economic regulatory framework in place?
            • How effective is the tribunal in the regulatory dispute resolution process?

Our recommendations will be pressure-tested in the second half of the webinar by an expert panel of airport executives. The conclusions will be shared with the industry and government and will be integrated in the consultative roadmap for a viable and sustainable industry which CAPA is developing.



For any assistance regarding participation, please contact:
Karishma Sharma or Abhipsa Talwar, CAPA India Marketing
+91 99999 74339, +91 98786 16161