CAPA India Knowledge Centre

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The CAPA India Knowldge Centre is a global centre of excellence that provides cutting-edge research and comprehensive data on global best practices and benchmarks in aviation, aerospace and travel, with the objective of identifying new solutions that will redefine aviation business models.
The service is focused on industry research, data and innovation. Our team of researchers, analysts and data specialists not only provide support for our advisory and consulting services, but also deliver thought leadership in order to drive re-invention of industry business models. We capture, monitor and analyse global best practices and benchmarks acrosss aviation, aerospace and travel, as well as leverage learnings from other industries. We also collaborate with leading industry experts and institutions.
Our full suite of products and services will span data, data-driven research, industry reports, analytics, knowledge forums and training platforms.

Robust and continuous planning is more critical than ever

For aviation, business planning is evolving into a continuous activity rather than a periodic exercise. The planning is needed across multiple business functions such as strategy, operations, finance, and risk. Given its critical importance, planning decisions must be anchored on accurate, timely and bespoke research which is high quality, consultative, best practice-driven and outcome-focused.

Companies need a reliable research partner that is a sector specialist

The perennial and increasingly comprehensive and complex requirements for high quality, in-depth and actionable research place continuous demands on organisational resources, including decision-makers. The solution is to work with a reliable partner that is a sector specialist, and can deliver customised research that arms businesses with the insights that they need, to make effective and timely decisions.

Examples of CAPA India Global Delivery Centre engagements include:
Market, traffic and trend analysis
Opportunity and lead identification
Performance and risk assessments
Benchmarking studies
Aircraft fleet analysis
Advanced financial modelling
Competitor tracking
Database compilation and maintenance
Route development & network planning support

Airport engineering and design practice

CAPA India was engaged to provide monthly briefings on developments in airport construction, modernisation and privatisation and to identify business opportunities and leads for the client.

European radar manufacturer

We deliver ongoing market research about selected countries – which revolve on a monthly basis – on air traffic activity, installed radars and surveillance infrastructure, along with planned procurement. The output provides our client with critical intelligence to support business development activities.

Airport industry association

CAPA India provided regular updates on strategic, operational and financial airline-related developments, regulatory, economic and geo-political issues to ensure that to ensure that the association was able to protect the interests of its members by keeping them abreast of key risks.