CAPA Aerospace & Defence

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CAPA’s USP is our ability to deliver independent and accurate advisory and research services in the aerospace and defence sector.

The size and capability of India’s aerospace sector has grown considerably in recent years. Leading global OEMs are increasingly outsourcing manufacturing of parts and components, as well as research and design activities, to Indian companies. This was in part driven by the need to fulfil offset obligations, but with India’s growing talent pool and cost competitiveness, supported by the ‘Make in India’ focus on ease of doing business, the country is becoming an increasingly attractive investment destination and market for aerospace companies.

However, the aerospace ecosystem is highly fragmented, with a large number of smaller players. And understanding the regulatory framework can be complex, especially for foreign companies. In such an environment, access to independent and accurate research and advice is essential for effective decision-making. This is the critical and invaluable differentiation that CAPA India offers. Key areas where we can support clients include:

  • Aerospace and defence market assessment
  • India market entry strategies and feasibility studies for foreign players
  • Supply chain analysis and assessment
  • Capability assessments of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises
  • International and Indian partner searches
  • Competitor benchmarking and tracking
  • Policy and regulatory advisory
  • Offset advisory services
  • Business planning for training facilities
  • Prospects for civil and military MROs
  • Outlook for UAVs and VTOL equipment

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