CAPA Analytics

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How does Analytics help in Aviation & Travel? CAPA Analytics enables our aviation and travel industry clients to make strategic, operational, and tactical decisions based on actionable insights derived from a combination of data science, applied research and industry expertise.

Data is constantly being created in the aviation and travel industries across commercial, operational and financial activities. Whether it is a passenger making a reservation, an airline scheduling an aircraft, a ground handler delivering baggage, or an airport allocating a gate, the underlying data points can be utilised to maximise revenue and optimise resources.

For example, behavioural segmentation helps create a campaign framework to deliver targeted offers. Customer preferences can be identified from transactional data such as size of party travelling, destination, flight timings, duration of stay, meal choices and duty free purchases. Analytics can be deployed to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, enhance customer loyalty and cross-sell products and services.

Predictive data science can help airlines and airports increase profits, and build more effective processes. Models based on machine learning can identify patterns in historical data to predict future performance and likely responses to changes in marketing, product and operations.

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Airline Operations Airport Operations Commercial
Crew & resource planning Gate allocation Ancillary revenue generation
Fuel efficiency programmes On-time performance Loyalty programmes
Inflight catering optimisation Passenger facilitation Marketing campaigns
Route & network planning Queue monitoring Retail & duty free sales
Scheduling Terminal operations Yield management
Ground Handling Finance & Administration Human Resources
Air cargo operations Asset management Administration and compliance
Baggage delivery times Enterprise risk management Compensation and payroll
Equipment requirements Internal audit Employee satisfaction
Manpower deployment Procurement Performance management
Remote stand bussing Treasury operations Recruitment

CAPA Analytics JV Partner Client Success Stories

Low cost carrier
International airline
Online travel agency (OTA)
Travel company
Corporate travel polices
Low cost carrier
Built predictive analytical models for a leading 150+ aircraft airline enabling it to improve its occupancy and revenues using a flight level dashboard predicting occupancy rates with 95% accuracy.
International airline
Enabled an airline to decrease its food wastage and maximise the availability of popular in-flight food items -and consequently increase buy on board revenue – by loading inventory based on route-level and time-of-day demand. The optimisation model was supported by applied research on consumer preferences by nationality and route.
Online travel agency (OTA)
Deployed web analytics at an OTA, reducing cart abandonment by 30%, increasing daily transactions, and improving customer engagement and loyalty.
Travel company
Developed customer segmentation and a predictive ‘hotel’ cross–sell model for travel company using statistical clustering, significantly improving the customer conversion rate for targeted email campaigns.
Corporate travel polices
A leading card company wanted to identify merchants that represented inappropriate spend not compliant with travel policies. Merchants were classified based text analytics of search engine data resulting in improved compliance accuracy and reduced cost as a result of automation of the process.

Why CAPA Analytics?

We understand aviation and travel: CAPA Analytics fulfils the unmet need of clients to have a specialist and reliable data analytics partner who intimately understands the aviation and travel industries and the unique features of the client’s business. We are a specialist aviation knowledge practice with extensive global advisory and research experience delivered to hundreds of clients across the industry value chain over close to 30 years.

Application of bespoke research to interpret data: Our data modelling and analysis is complemented by in-depth research on industry dynamics, the operating environment and the unique business characteristics of our client. CAPA’s deep domain expertise enables us to better understand and interpret data.

Appreciate the ‘uniqueness’ of each business: Within the aviation and travel industries, CAPA Analytics deeply understands and appreciates the unique characteristics of each individual business, the inter-linkages between key stakeholders, and the nature of evolving industry trends and their impact on operators. As a result, we understand the unique strategic and tactical challenges faced by our clients, even before we start work for them. This enables us to delivering value quicker and more cost effectively.

Combination of data and industry expertise delivers solutions: Our approach is to provide customised, strategic and actionable insights and solutions which are highly valued by clients, who until now have been served by generic data analytics service providers who lack industry specialisation.

We speak the language of our clients: Being aviation and travel industry specialists, not only can we easily understand our clients’ problem statements, but our modelling outputs, solutions and recommendations are presented using shared concepts and terminology that our clients can relate to.

CAPA Analytics is a JV between CAPA India and TransOrg Analytics. The combination of our aviation domain and applied research expertise with TransOrg’s deep understanding of data science creates a compelling value proposition for our clients.

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