CAPA Advisory

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CAPA  India Advisory is focused on delivering solutions with integrity and independence. Our strategic consulting and advisory services are unique in being able to combine local, on-the-ground insights and networks with global expertise. CAPA India has completed more than 700 global consulting studies including a portfolio of 200 projects in South Asia, right across strategic, commercial, operational, technical, financial, planning and regulatory issues. Our clients include some of the leading organisations in international aviation.

Recent CAPA India Advisory experience includes:

  • Strategic investor search for a South Asian flag carrier
  • Market analysis and operational & financial benchmarking for an airline IPO prospectus
  • Bilateral policy advisory and market strategy for a European airline
  • Due diligence support for a private equity fund investing in a travel distribution business
  • Comprehensive business and financing planning for an LCC and a commuter airline
  • Development of a policy and regulatory structure for regional connectivity
  • Analysis and projections for the Indian outbound travel market
  • Non-aero revenue strategy and benchmarking for an ASEAN airport
  • Market sizing for civilian air traffic control radars for a European manufacturer
  • Expert peer review of airport traffic forecasts
  • Business model and research for an air traffic controller academy

We are the only aviation advisory firm in the region with international expertise and global specialists, supported by a dedicated research practice, offering solutions across the aviation value chain.

Airline Advisory
Airport Advisory
Economic, Policy & Regulatory Advisory
Aircraft Advisory
Travel & Tourism Advisory
Airline Advisory
  • Airline start-up planning
  • Airline restructuring
  • Aircraft maintenance reviews
  • Aircraft financing and leasing support
  • Airline privatisation advisory
  • Ancillary revenue generation
  • Aviation policy and regulatory advice
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Bilateral policy analysis
  • Board advisory engagements
  • Cost and performance reviews
  • Distribution strategies
  • Due diligence exercises
  • Economic and market studies
  • Expert witness roles
  • Financial and strategic risk assessments
  • Fleet optimisation and aircraft evaluation
  • HR efficiency reviews
  • Interim management teams for start-ups carriers
  • Industry analysis for airline IPO prospectuses
  • Investor due diligence support
  • Network analysis and hub strategy planning
  • Process improvement and cost reduction studies
  • Risk assessment studies
  • Route development and profitability analysis
  • Scheduling
  • Skills and training impact studies
  • Strategic reviews, planning and trend analysis
Airport Advisory
  • Airport business planning
  • Airport charges analysis
  • Airport marketing and route development
  • Airport safety and security programmes
  • Airline relationship management
  • Airport privatisation studies
  • Board advisory engagements
  • Cargo and ground handling development
  • Commercial and non-aero revenue development
  • Hub development studies
  • International partner searches
  • Operational efficiency benchmarking
  • Passenger and freight traffic forecasting
  • Retail and duty free strategy
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Strategic reviews, planning and trend analysis
Economic, Policy & Regulatory Advisory
  • Analysis of aviation policy and regulations
  • Assessment of institutional structures and processes
  • Bilateral and multilateral policy settings and impacts
  • Economic impact studies
  • Review of economic regulation of airports
  • Strengthening of oversight institutions
Aircraft Advisory
  • Aircraft financing, leasing and transaction advisory
  • Aircraft acquisition and sales support
  • Asset management services for aircraft lessors
  • Business planning for charter/fractional ownership models
  • Joint venture and marketing partner searches
  • Mission requirement assessments
  • Route performance analysis
Travel & Tourism Advisory
  • Airport infrastructure requirements for destinations
  • Aviation and tourism master planning
  • Analysis of bilateral air services agreements
  • Aviation and travel distribution strategies
  • Aviation scenario planning for hotels and resorts
  • Destination marketing to attract new air services
  • Inbound and outbound tourism forecasts
  • Tourism competitiveness analysis
  • Travel industry marketing strategies

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