Chairman’s Message

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Until recently, India was the fastest growing major aviation market in the world. But with one of its largest carriers suspending operations due to financial difficulties, this is creating unanticipated challenges as well as new opportunities. In such a fluid environment, sound advice – based on a deep understanding of the market, careful analysis and accurate data – is critical.

This is CAPA India’s strength. We are honoured that some of the leading names in global aviation are turning to us to help them navigate the changing tides in the sector. In the last few months we have worked on a diverse set of projects ranging from airline restructuring for an African national carrier to airport bid advisory, due diligence in the ground handling sector, route development for an Australian airport, and preparation of a tourism marketing strategy for an ASEAN destination.

We look forward to continuing to expand our portfolio of experience in aviation, travel and tourism; strengthening our analytics, custom research and transaction advisory divisions; and to developing new verticals in aerospace and defense to support the growth of the industry.

Peter Harbison