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CAPA India makes a sincere effort to ensure the well-being and happiness of our employees. We offer highly competitive packages and attractive roles for those seeking a career in aviation consulting and research. Our employees have the opportunity to work on diverse, unique and challenging projects, driving genuine professional and personal development.

At the same time, we seek to offer a safe, friendly and supportive workplace environment, which celebrates positive performance and provides a good life for our employees. We take pride in ensuring that our female employees feel secure. CAPA India is proud of its strong team culture, both at work and beyond, with an active social and travel programme.

Key benefits of working at CAPA India include:

Financial Compensation

  • Competitive base salary;
  • Employee provident fund;
  • Long service awards at 3/5/7.5 & 10 years;
  • National Pension Scheme contribution upon 7.5 years long service;
  • Annual bonus linked to performance;
  • Diwali bonus;
  • Gratuity paid where applicable.

Other Benefits

  • Complimentary breakfast, lunch and evening snacks;
  • One international and one domestic corporate trip for all staff;
  • Medical cover;
  • Health club membership;
  • Educational grants and personal loans;
  • At least one social function per month;
  • Excellent strategic and technical training opportunities throughout the year;
  • Site visits to industry locations to gain first-hand exposure to aviation operations;
  • Guest lectures by industry leaders & knowledge-building sessions;
  • Generous leave including additional public holidays and maternity/paternity support;
  • Online subscriptions to leading global business, aviation and current affairs journals;
  • Dinner and transport home when working late;
  • And many other benefits.

Current Opportunities

Position Experience Location
Knowledge Consultant (Know more)

Consultant -Consulting & Research (Know more)

Knowledge Analyst (Know more)

Analyst (Know more)

6 years

5 years

3 years

3 years

New Delhi

New Delhi

New Delhi

New Delhi

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