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26 June 2020

CAPA India has been tracking the progression and impact of COVID since Jan-2020, and in significant detail from Mar-2020 onwards. In four detailed updates we have evaluated the impact on the entire aviation sector, with a particular emphasis on likely scenarios for post-COVID recovery.

These updates have also highlighted the need for appropriate policy responses to ensure that government and industry are together able to mitigate risks through active collaboration.


25 March 2020

The shutdown of aviation until at least 15-Apr means that 1QFY2021 is looking increasingly like a washout

The extension of the domestic lockdown until at least 15-Apr-2020 is the right decision by the Government of India. However, it has ensured that aviation will be seriously impacted by COVID-19. The April-June quarter, traditionally one of the stronger quarters of the year for Indian airlines, is increasingly looking like it will be a washout.


23 March 2020

Shutdown of scheduled domestic airline operations in India

The Government of India’s decision to suspend all scheduled domestic airline operations with effect from midnight on Tuesday 24 March 2020, is consistent with expectations outlined in CAPA India’s report of 20 March.



COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on global aviation, including in India

A gathering series of travel restrictions imposed by governments around the world is reducing air traffic to a trickle on most routes. This now consists primarily of passengers seeking to return to the relative safety of their homes in advance of borders closing. Discretionary travel for business, leisure, social, education, employment or religious reasons has all but evaporated.